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The ducts in every home are vital to your comfort. Ducts are the only way your heating and cooling can make it into each part of your home, allowing the cool and warm air to distribute throughout the home. That means any issues with your ducting will drastically reduce the level of comfort in your home, can increase energy costs because they lack efficiency because air is leaking into areas of your home such as walls and crawlspaces that no one (obviously) occupies.

At Geo-Teck we specialize in duct design, installation, service and repair. We provide a host of solutions to make sure your existing ducts are working well, replace them if they need replacing, and we install ducts the right way in new home builds. For ductwork repair, replacement, or new installation, contact our experts!

Here is a comprehensive list of the ductwork services we provide:

Heatloss Duct Designs

Geo-Teck have certified engineers on our team that provide heatless duct designs for new and existing homes. Having a certified engineer designed is essential to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system, and to maximize your comfort. Its never as simple as putting a hole in the wall and hoping for the best that it will keep a certain room comfortable. We provide drawings for building permit applications. Contact us about how Geo-Teck can help you.

New Duct Installations

new duct design installation ontario

Geo-Teck are one of the most experienced ductwork installation companies in Ontario. We have sheet metal fabricators on our team who specialize in new duct installations for new homes, or even in a home renovation.

Duct retrofit & repairs for existing homes

If you are unsure whether you need repairs to your ducts, which is fairly common thing to be unclear on because no one can see inside of their ducts. Look for these signs:

• Drafts and temperature fluctuations
• Uneven temperatures throughout the home
• No heat or air in one room
• High energy bills

A faulty duct system can cause other problems such as poor indoor air quality and potential health issues for you and your family.If you are seeing any of those signs, contact Geo-Teck. Our team of technicians can come out to your home, inspect your ductwork and provide a report detailing whether a repair is necessary.

Sometimes a repair will completely fix the issue, or it will only temporarily fix the issue, and so other steps may need to be taken, such as a retrofit or replacement of your existing ducts.

Geo-Teck have sheet metal fabricators on the Geo-Teck team who specialize in ductwork, and can pull off some incredibly complicated work, all within building code standards, ensuring the ducting retrofit provides you with the comfort you want in summer or winter. Retrofitting ducts is a major project, and you want it done right. Our team will install new ductwork or replace your existing ductwork with minimal disruption to your home.

Contact us for a free inspection of your ducts and we will provide you with a recommendation.

Duct Sealing

The average home loses 20-40% of its conditioned air through leaky ductwork. This causes:

• Higher utility bills
• Uncomfortably hot or cold rooms
• Problems with allergies
• Higher maintenance costs for your HVAC system

The good news is that leaky air ducting doesn’t always have to be replaced. Our Geo-Teck duct sealing service ensures the heated or cooled air from your furnace and air conditioner gets into your living spaces.

If you are unsure what is right for your home, contact Geo-Teck Heating & Cooling and we can give you a free inspection, recommendation and provide you with a quote.

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