Company History

Before Geo-Teck Heating & Cooling Limited came into being, the company got it’s start in 1976 as Dave Pergel Construction & Mechanical (Limited 1980). Dave himself grew up in St. Joseph, married and raised their daughters while building his company.

In 1987, Dave was contracted by Greg Vanhevel to put in a new electrical service in Greg’s residence in Grand Bend. Greg had just given up farming and moved with his wife to Grand Bend. He was driving a truck for a company out of Mitchell and renovating his Grand Bend home. While working together on that hydro service, Dave recognized an opportunity.

At that time, Hay Township were connecting properties along Hwy 21 to municipal water. Dave saw this as an opening to further expand his business, however, he needed someone to run the equipment and thought that Greg would make a good fit. Growing up as a farm boy Greg was obviously used to hard work and he also had the heavy equipment experience Dave needed. Dave offered Greg a job with his company and an apprenticeship.

Dave and Greg worked extremely well together and developed a formal partnership in 1988. Together they took on new challenges; expanding their staff, their licenced tradesmen, increased service area, and introduced computers. Having realized the interest in geo-thermal systems had increased and the Ontario government were offering incentives promoting energy efficiency, they got into geo-thermal installations in a big way, 40 – 50 units per year which included 3 schools in Sarnia. In 1990 the company name was changed to Geo-Teck Heating & Cooling Limited to reflect the new direction the company was going.

Two years later, February 1992, Dave left Geo-Teck to pursue other avenues of interest. He taught in the trades and today is still associated with the Geo-thermal industry. Greg became the sole proprietor and to this day Dave and Greg remain good friends and continue to stay in touch.

When natural gas was introduced to the Grand Bend area, Greg saw this as an opportunity to further expand his business. He obtained his gas ticket and Geo-Teck became an accredited area installer for Union Gas. Over the years the company has been an innovator in the Heating and Cooling industry. We offer refrigeration, sheet metal, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, geo-thermal, in-floor heating, HRV, dehumidification systems for pools, the list goes on and on.

Today Greg’s eldest son, Daniel, is a partner in the company. Daniel grew up around Geo-Teck and it came as no surprise when he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a tradesperson. Daniel resides in St. Joseph with his wife and family. Greg and Daniel, together with their very competent staff, carry on a viable business and strive to maintain their reputation for supplying quality workmanship and dedicated service.

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