Home Backup Generators

There’s nothing as frustrating as a power outage in your home. Whether its due to a storm (which South West Ontario is famous for), or someone down the road hit a transformer, a power outage can affect your comfort, and your wallet: a freezer or fridge full of food that will expire faster and faster each time you open that fridge, your sump pump will stop working and you’re at risk of flooding, as well as climate control for your home.

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“Control your power.  Control your life.”

A Generac home backup generator senses a power outage, turns on automatically, and delivers backup power to your home. It will run until utility power returns, whether that’s two hours or two weeks. Connected to your existing LP or natural gas fuel supply, it kicks in within seconds of determining power loss, providing peace of mind for homeowners with sump pumps, furnaces, freezers, etc.

The electricians at Geo-Teck Heating & Cooling are experienced in the installation and service of your equipment or ours for all your home generator installation needs. Contact us for information on getting a home generator in your house, or to learn about service options or an inspection on your existing home generator installation.

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