Hot Tub Maintenance Supplies

Today, the terms hot tub and spa are used interchangeably. Both describe a large tub that is used for relaxation, hydrotherapy, warmth, and entertaining. Both are equipped with built-in jets for targeting bathers’ sore muscles.

Basically, there are two types of hot tubs and spas: portable and custom-built or in-ground. Portable models can accommodate anywhere from two to eight or more adults. They can be inflatable latex or vinyl, which are usually less expensive; fiberglass, acrylic; polyethylene; or another type of plastic.

Geo-Teck offer products to help you maintain and enhance your hot tub or spa, no matter what your style or type. We help make it so all you have to do is get on in!

Hot tub chemicals and filters

At Geo-Teck, we know there is nothing better than having a hot tub to slip into, lay back and relax.

We also know the other side to owning a hot tub, the maintenance. A hot tub can give you hours of relaxation and fun, but it can give you hours of headaches if your chemistry isn’t correct, or your filters aren’t performing like it should. There’s nothing worse than green water, or that film on your skin in the hot tub! Here are some signs that there may be something wrong with your hot tub:

• Scale and stain formation
• Cloudy or coloured water
• Corrosion of hot tub surfaces and equipment
• Algae formation on hot tub surfaces

At Geo-Teck we offer hot tub chemicals and hot tub filtration products.

To keep your pool’s water sparkling clean, two basic maintenance steps are required:

Step 1: Hot Tub Filters

The first step of hot tub and spa maintenance is a properly functioning pool filtration system to keep out unwanted debris and sediment. The pump is also important as it moves water from the hot tub and through the filtration system. (To get the right pump for your hot tub, talk to us). Filter maintenance keeps your hot tub water sparkling and clean, free of impurities and too many chemicals.

Step 2: Hot Tub Chemicals

The second step is disinfection with hot tub chemicals, which are critical in protecting against the previously mentioned issues in your hot tub. The best route is a proper routine maintenance and monitoring schedule which includes an optimum level of chemical treatment.

Geo-Teck Spa & Hot Tub Products We Carry

Manufactured by Capo, are one of the lines of Spa/Hot Tub chemicals that we carry here in our showroom. Just like a swimming pool, the water in a hot tub must be treated regularily to keep the water healthy and enjoyable.

SpaBoss Website

Spa Marvel products are an environmentally-friendly, enzyme based spa-water treatment product that can reduce and eliminate the need for many of the chemicals used in traditional spa water treatment.

Spa Marvel Website

Unicel is the nation’s leading manufacturer of swimming pool cartridge filters and regular filters, spa and hot tub filter replacement cartridges.

Unicel Website


By incorporating regular maintenance into your weekly schedule, you’ll have a long-lasting hot tub and happier hot tub users. If you have any questions or need some advice  come by our showroom or simply  contact us, we are more than happy to help!

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