Pool Dehumidifers

Pool Dehumidifer

Indoor swimming pools and hot tub rooms require an exceptional amount of maintenance.

One of the biggest issues with an indoor pool is moisture collecting in the room as the pool water warms. The moisture that collects around the walls and ceiling are filled with chlorine, corroding everything it comes into contact with. Wood, drywall, steel, its very damaging.

Further to that, it creates mold and mildew, which obviously is a great health risk for anyone using the pool.

That is why a pool dehumidifier is a necessary investment in any location with an indoor pool or hot tub, to save money on structural problems and maintenance issues, but most importantly to limit any health issues.

Geo-Teck have trained experts in managing the air quality of an indoor pool. We come out on site, make an assessment of the building size, air quality, assess other issues. We then create a plan and suggest a pool dehumidifier that will increase air quality, comfort, reduce the risk of mold, mildew, decrease costs and potential risk of further costs due to damage from corrosion.

We can install a pool dehumidifier that will allow the pool room to be comfortable and condensation free, as well as convenient. Our units are controlled by a fully automatic humidistat and thermostat, giving you a worry free experience maintaining your pool room.

For more information about our pool dehumidifiers and installation services contact Geo-Teck.

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