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Our company name Geo-Teck Heating & Cooling can be a little confusing, and if we’re honest can misrepresent our company a little, because we offer much more than just heating and cooling services. If you take a look at our other services, plumbing services, even our accreditation page you would see that Geo-Teck are a multifaceted and multi talented company.

One of the services we offer is residential electrical services. We provide electrical service, repair and installation whether it’s diagnosing and fixing a broken outlet, or re-wiring your whole home, Geo-Teck is here to help you. Here is a description of some of the residential electrical services we offer:

Home electrical installation services

Whether you are building a new home or addition, or renovating your existing home, the electricians at Geo-Teck can provide skilled, hassle free installations of whatever you are looking to have done in your home. Whether it’s putting in a light bulb or rewiring a home, we have the expertise and knowledge for you.

Here are a few examples of the electrical installation services we provide:

• Electrical Panel Upgrade
• Electrical Circuit Upgrades
• Hot Tub Electrical Hook-up
• Electrical Generator Back-up systems
• Whole Home Surge Protection
• Child Proof Outlets/Receptacles
• Lighting Upgrades/replacements
• Overhead fan installation
• Exhaust Fans
• New receptacles
• Lighting Control System
• Specialty Lighting Systems
• Retrofit pot lights
• Exterior lights

Home electrical repair services

Sometimes a repair job is beyond your ability for you to deal with, and you need an electrical contractor like Geo-Teck to get the job done. We specialize in troubleshooting difficult problems with detailed assessments, including storm damage and insurance claims.

Preventative Maintenance electrical services

Avoid the risk of those unexpected emergencies and other electrical issues, and have Geo-Teck inspect your home annually. We analyze the electrical system and setup of your home, and assess risks such as fire hazards and electrical failures. Here are some of the services our home electrical preventative maintenance service provides:

• Check all connections in the electrical panel
• Testing all GFCI outlets
• Check all receptacles in the home
• Testing all smoke detectors to insure they function properly and changing batteries for protective purposes. We also check date codes
• Inspect whole house grounding
• Check home electronics for adequate protection for voltage surges
• Check lighting levels for safety inside the home, and security outside the home at night
• Inspect attic and crawl spacing where wire is present

Geo-Teck are the expert, professional electricians for all your electrical needs. All work is performed by our own electricians, who are certified, licensed, trained and regulated. Contact us today for a no risk on site consultation and quote.

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